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Business Users

Our aim is to enable you to:

  • Grow your business online through various Social Media proven strategies and workshops.
  • Grow your business by increasing sales and profits.
  • Improve business efficiency through more effective management.
  • Identify your most lucrative target markets and attract and retain valuable customers.
  • Maximise the productivity of your work force through tailored training packages.
We not only advise you on how to take your business forward, we can also work with you as a business partner to implement those changes.

We help businesses to:
  • Better understand the needs of its customers and adapt its offer accordingly.
  • Deliver exceptional customer service every time.
  • Build and deliver training through a choice of workshops that will enable your business to improve staff efficientcy through valuable knowledge as well as to increase company/brand awareness on and off line.

An example of our standard training sessions include:
  • Making the most of Social Media for your business
  • Microsoft Excel to improve your business efficiency
  • Microsoft Word to improve your business presentation
  • Microsoft PowerPoint to create eye-catching, professional presentations
  • Microsoft Access to maximise your Customer Database

(All of which can be delivered to beginner, intermediate and expert levels)

    Plus short whistle stop workshops which include:
  • Selling online
  • Learn to use free online tools to aid your business
  • Mailchimp – mass email marketing
  • Creating a website for your business for free